Import case

The import case fluorite (Fluorite) is also known as fluorspar. One of the more common minerals in nature can be symbiotic with many other minerals. It is produced in many parts of the world and has 5 effective variants. Isometric crystal system, the main component is calcium fluoride (CaF?). Crystallized into octahedrons and cubes. The crystal is glass luster, bright and changeable color, brittle, Mohs hardness is 4, melting point is 1360 ℃, and it has the property of complete cleavage. Some samples can emit light when rubbed, heated, or irradiated with ultraviolet light.

Ningbo Yongfeng is a fluorite import company with more than 10 years of one-stop fluorite import experience. It has service outlets and professional teams at major ports throughout the country. It has a service network and professional teams all over the world and has developed a standard process for fluorite import , Rich fluorspar import declaration cases, one-stop services such as inspection details of various fluorspar import customs customs price verifiers, import customs clearance documents, and import warehousing, dispatch, receipt and payment, etc. On the cost.

From the perspective of customs clearance, the fluorite imported into China is divided into two types: fluorite with a calcium fluoride content of ≤97% by weight and fluorite with a calcium fluoride content of> 97%. The current majority is ≤97% Mostly fluorite.

Customs classification: fluorite with calcium fluoride content ≤97%, refer to HS code: 2529210000, import tariff is 3%, value-added tax is 13%, if it is Pakistan and other countries can enjoy zero tariff To enjoy zero tariffs, you need to apply for a certificate of origin in the exporting country.

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The above information is ready, our company will complete customs clearance within 1-2 working days, if the customs / commodity inspection does not check, you can arrange delivery. The customs inspection mainly checks: whether the goods are in conformity, whether the unit price is reasonable, whether the weight is in conformity, whether the test is required, whether there is wooden packaging, and whether there are other hazardous substances.

The business covers the provision of import and export rights, customs code pre-classification, international transportation, customs declaration and inspection, customs duty payment, commercial inspection, customs inspection, import and export customs clearance, domestic delivery, foreign exchange collection and payment, export tax rebate, etc., to solve everything for customers. Import and export difficulties and saving import and export costs are the company's mission. The business covers major ports in the country. It is experienced and recognized by the customs. It has provided thousands of Chinese and foreign enterprises with quality import and export agency services in the past 10 years.

In terms of import and export agency, Yongfeng International has a group of experienced and qualified salesmen who take one-to-one and many-to-one services to provide timely feedback on the actual situation on the spot, solve unexpected problems, and ensure seamless customs clearance throughout the process Save you 30% customs clearance costs. Years of customs clearance experience + good reputation of customs and commodity inspection will escort your import and export trade of goods.

The information required for customs declaration is as follows:

1. Original bill of lading ML / SWB / radio

2. Certificate of Origin

3. Packing list

4. Invoice

5. Contract

6. Power of attorney for customs declaration and inspection

7. Customs declaration

Customs declaration process

Customs declaration → inspection → tax bill → tax payment → whether the customs inspection → commodity inspection inspection → commodity inspection / customs inspection release → confirm delivery address → confirm fees → paid delivery

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