Fluorspar CaF2 75% lump

Fluorspar– fluoride subclass mineral, CaF2. Sometimes Ca is substituted in a small amount by Y (yttrium-fluorite) or rare-earth elements such as (TR), Sr, Mn, Na, U.

It crystallizes in isometrical system, forming so-called fluorite structure (see crystal structure). The crystals have the shape of a cube, octahedron and others; units are compact, coarse, grainy and earthy. Hardness - 4; density - 3.2 g / cc.

Such an impurities as TR, U may color fluorspar in purple, green, yellow and other colors. Pure colorless fluorite is rare (valuable optical materials) Polygenic mineral is used as a flux in metallurgy, raw material for hydrofluoric acid and its salts. Mono crystals (mainly synthetic) are used in optics.

Determination of fluorspar grades

Metallurgical Fluorspar

Acid and Ceramic Fluorspar

For welding consumables and cored wire

Fluorspar chemical composition:


Chemical standard of lump and gravity concentrates in terms of dry substance

Moisture content fraction of lump concentrates should not exceed 1%.

Acid and ceramic

Chemical composition of concentrates in terms of dry substance

Moisture content fraction in the flotation concentrate should not exceed 1%.

For welding materials and cored wire

Fluorite concentrate Chemical composition must the following requirements

In the flotation of fluorite concentrate all grades moisture content should not exceed 1%.

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